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*If you are having a life threatening medical emergency please call 911

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency you can find an emergency dentist available 24 hours a day to provide you immediate care so you don't have to end up in urgent care or an emergency room where you will often wait for several hours and spend up to 3X more than an affordable emergency dentist.

We offer immediate dental emergency services and online prescriptions and will connect you with a 24 hour dentist to address emergency dental problems with a referral for you to see a local dentist 7 days a week and as soon as possible.

Make an appointment now with our 24 hour dental team ready to help address toothaches, a knocked out tooth, a dental infection, or tooth abscess, a lost filling or any other emergency dental problem you are experiencing.

What is considered a true dental emergency?

Not all dental emergencies are true emergencies. A true dental emergency is a dental problem that can potentially be life threatening and needs to be addressed immediately. While some dental emergency visits can be addressed right away with antibiotics and pain medication, certain types of dental emergencies can be life threatening and can require an immediate visit to the dental emergency room or dental urgent care center nearby. If you or anyone you know is experiencing any one of these symptoms, you should immediately seek help and do not wait.

True dental emergencies that require immediate care:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Facial Swelling
  • Facial Trauma the requires stiches
  • Trauma to the mouth that could affect the airway
  • Loose implant or dental crown that can be aspirated

Many dental emergencies can occur overnight due to a sudden dental infection called an acute infection or abscess. Other dental emergencies can gradually start as a toothache that progressively gets worse over several days or weeks.

Dental pain and toothaches indicate a serious problem and should be evaluated by a general dentist who can evaluate the reason you are experiencing pain and provide you with an oral treatment of antibiotics or pain medication if your dental pain is caused by an infection. Dental infections can cause pus and swelling that get out of control in a short period of time and can enter your blood stream as well cause difficulty swallowing and even breathing.

Other dental emergencies involve trauma or an accident that knocked out a tooth or causes a broken tooth leading to bleeding gums and severe dental pain. If you have a knocked-out tooth or have a broken tooth that is loose, you will require an immediate dental consultation from an emergency dentist to provide you instructions on how to save your tooth and possibly allow you to re-implant it without requiring a dental implant or dental extraction.

The first 30 minutes are the most critical and any teeth that are knocked out should immediately be evaluated by a dentist or the tooth may be permanently lost or accidentally swallowed if improperly handled. Do not put your knocked-out tooth in milk or try to clean it with soap or alcohol.

The most common dental emergencies include:

  1. Dental infection or an abscess:
    Caused by a cavity that has reached the nerve in the root canal
  2. Wisdom tooth infection:
    Causing swelling and pain that can travel to the ears and eyes
  3. A broken tooth or chipped tooth: Caused by blunt trauma or a fall
  4. An avulsed tooth:
    Occurs when a tooth is knocked out tooth by trauma
  5. Dental fillings or dental crowns that have fallen off: Or have broken from grinding or biting a hard object
  6. Chipped or fractured: Porcelain veneer or a front tooth
  7. Infected dental implant or dental bridge: That has become infected either from a fracture or a gum infection
  8. A lodged object: That has gotten stuck in-between the teeth or underneath the gums causing gum bleeding or a gum infection
  9. A broken denture or removable partial denture: That has cracked or lost a tooth
  10. A reinfected root canal tooth: With a previous completed or partially completed root canal treatment that has become re-infected and requires another root canal or tooth extraction


An emergency dentist is available to help with the following emergency dental services:

  • Toothache relief or any type of tooth pain
  • Sore or swollen gum relief
  • Bleed gum relief
  • Root canal therapy & Tooth extraction
  • Dental repair for any removable appliance
  • Repair of broken fillings
  • Repair for lost or loose dental fillings
  • Cracked tooth or broken teeth

Emergency dental care services that can be addressed quickly and with affordable rates:

Emergency dental services offered at a hospital or urgent care facilities often waste time and cost significantly more than a 24 hour dental service that can provide a dental evaluation quickly and efficiently. Dental hospitals are very uncommon and most dental offices are closed after hours and during weekends so most emergency patients are forced to go to a regular emergency room where they wait hours to be seen and where they end up leaving with nothing more than a recommendation to see a local dentist. Here are some benefits of seeing a dentist for emergencies:

A 24-hour dentist can often be seen for same-day emergency visits virtually from your mobile phone or computer with a referral to see a local dentist nearby.
Swollen Jaw
Depending on the type and severity of your swollen cheek or swollen jaw, an emergency dentist can review your dental health and treat your swelling with antibiotics until you can see a local dentist or get in touch with your regular dentist.
Root canal therapy
Root canal therapy is a safe and effective treatment that can relieve of your dental pain if your toothache is caused by a cavity that has entered your nerve or root canal. The cost of root canals can vary depending on the severity of your dental infection and the type of tooth that requires the root canal.
Sore gum relief
Sore gums, as well as bleeding gums, can be evaluated through a video call and by sending a dentist a photo and/or video of your problem through Teledentistry. You can take a picture of your problem and send it to a Dentulu emergency dentist near you that can evaluate your mouth and teeth make treatment recommendations or provide prescriptions as well as recommendations of dental products that can be purchased at a local pharmacy.
Dental repair of a broken filling
Dentulu dentists can quickly and effectively provide you an affordable dental exam and second opinion on how to repair a broken tooth or dental restoration through a video call either on your phone or computer.
Tooth extraction
A tooth extraction may be the best treatment for a tooth that has an infection or an abscess. If a tooth is cracked or fractured due to some type of trauma, consult with a general dentist or local dental specialist or find a dentist on the Dentulu dental directory who can take care and treat your hopeless tooth using your dental insurance or with affordable payment plans.
Dental Abscess
Dental abscess occurs when pus builds up underneath your gums or around your tooth and cannot find a place to drain into. The swelling can cause pressure to build up putting pressure on nerves that run throughout the face and even up to the ear. Dental abscesses can cause radiating pain to the ears and often cause pain in areas far from the actual problem. This is referred to as radiating pain. Patients experiencing a headache or ear pain from infections of lower molars or wisdom teeth infections need to see a dentist for antibiotics and an extraction. Dentulu dentists can often help evaluate and diagnose a dental abscess and begin antibiotic therapy and pain medications preventing the abscess from getting worse.
Lost Tooth
If you have lost a tooth or have a tooth knocked out it is important to seek treatment and not wait as teeth cannot last a long time outside of the mouth. Searching for an emergency dentist near you open 24 hours or on weekends can take hours and can be very costly. A licensed dentist can be seen right away and the right treatment or service can be recommended by connecting to a local dentist using a virtual dental consultation on your phone.
Soft tissue injuries
Soft tissue injuries are easy to see using a video call or by sending a photo to a dentist using your phone. Some soft tissue injuries may require stitches at may require a referral to a hospital or oral surgeon.
Broken Braces
Broken braces or a fallen bracket can be easily evaluated and addressed by an orthodontist. Most often, pharmacies provide over-the-counter emergency products such as strips of wax that can be placed on top of broken braces or brackets to relieve soft tissue lacerations or irritation until a local orthodontist or local dentist can see you remove the bracket and place a new one. You can also use the eraser portion of a pencil to gently move the broken bracket into a more comfortable position. NEVER cut your orthodontic wire yourself.

Emergency walk-In dentist services:

If you are looking for an emergency walk-in dentist or dental services, you can search for an emergency dentist near based on your city. Our local dentists offer immediate dental consultations and are guaranteed to be from your state. Some emergency dentists can actually travel to your hotel or house to treat your dental emergency through a service called mobile dentistry. You can find a traveling emergency dentist that comes to you using our mobile dentistry.

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What to do in a dental emergency?

If you are having a dental emergency and are wondering what to do in a dental emergency don't panic. You can make an appointment and connect with a licensed 24-hour dentist to get immediate answers to your questions and avoid a costly trip to urgent care. The first step is to determine if you are having a true dental emergency or if you have a dental emergency that can be addressed with an online prescription or with over the counter products. Some home treatment options also can help for dental emergencies but a dental consultation is always the first step.

Top home remedies for tooth pain and dental emergencies:

  1. Apply a cold compress to the area if it is swollen
  2. Take an anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen or Advil
  3. Lost fillings can be temporarily replaced with sugar free gum
  4. Rinse with warm salt water gently
  5. Use a piece of wax to cover a sharp tooth
  6. Use a piece of rope wax to cover a broken filling or cracked tooth
  7. Use a tea bag to bite on if you are experiencing bleeding after a tooth extraction
  8. Use peppermint tea bags to ease your numb dental pain and sooth sensitive gums
  9. Use clove and garlic for their antibacterial properties and to reduce inflammation
  10. Hydrogen peroxide rinse to kill bacteria
  11. Hydrogen peroxide rinse reduces dental infection

Dentists open on weekends and after-hour dental emergencies

If you are traveling out of town or have a sudden dental emergency on a weekend or after- hours, you can find an emergency dentist 24 hours a day and even on weekends by searching for a dentist on Dentulu. You can register below for a free account and search for a dentist near you using your zip code or dental insurance.

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Ways to ease dental pain at home safely:

Home remedies for toothaches and dental pain are available if you are unable to find an emergency dentist but should always be recommended by a dentist first after a consultation. This is to first determine if you are experiencing a true dental emergency or if your tooth pain is not a real emergency and can be safely treated at home. You should always talk to a dentist before using home remedies especially if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Do not use any home remedies that you are allergic to.

Home remedies and do it yourself (DIY) practices that you should NEVER do:

  1. Never put an aspirin pill in your gums, vestibule, or next to a tooth or you will burn yourself with what is often referred to as an “aspirin burn.” Aspirin placed next to the tooth that hurts will not relieve your pain and will only make things worse.
  2. You should never wash a tooth that has been knocked out with bleach or soap as it will kill your tooth and your dentist will not be able to replant it in your mouth.
  3. You should not keep a tooth that has been knocked out in milk or water as it will permanently damage it. An over-the-counter solution called Hanks balanced salt solution is preferred.
  4. You should never ignore a swollen cheeks or a swollen area in your mouth that occurs suddenly as it can lead to a true life-threatening emergency.
  5. You should never try to put a fallen crown back on the tooth yourself as you can put it on incorrectly or it could come off and go down your windpipe causing life threatening emergencies.
  6. Don’t ignore dental pain or try and fix it by placing orajel next to a paining tooth or gums.
  7. Don’t try to remove an object jammed in your gums or between your teeth with a sharp object.
  8. Don’t try to do your own dental cleanings at home with DIY dental kits.
  9. Do not ever file down your own teeth under any circumstance as you can permanently damage your tooth.
  10. Do not try and superglue your broken denture or a denture tooth that has fallen off as you can permanently damage your denture or partial.

How to avoid dental emergencies?

The majority of dental emergencies are preventable and can be avoided if you implement several simple things to reduce the likelihood of you needing to visit a dentist with an emergency.

Here are 10 simple and affordable things you can do to prevent dental emergencies:
  1. Use a custom-made mouth guard when playing contact sports such as football, hockey, or boxing. A custom sport mouth guard can protect your teeth and avoid fractures of your teeth in case of trauma to the face or jaw
  2. Avoid chewing ice or hard foods such as nuts and raw seeds that can break or chip your teeth. Never chew on popcorn kernels, jaw breakers, hard candy and anything hard
  3. Wear a night guard if your clench or grind your teeth to prevent wearing down your enamel and causing loose or shifting teeth
  4. Get regular dental check-ups with your dentist and hygienist who can take x-rays and look for cavities and gum disease before they get worse
  5. Do not ignore tooth sensitivity and dental pain thinking it will get better on its own. It will likely only get worse and lead to more serious problems later
  6. Brush and floss your teeth after you eat in order to prevent cavities and gingivitis which can silently turn into infections
  7. Purchase a dental camera for home use like the MouthCAM which allows you to look at your own teeth and gums regularly and spot problems before they get worse
  8. Don’t use your teeth as a tool and never open any cans or bags with your teeth. Use scissors instead of using your teeth to open things
  9. Take your wisdom teeth out if they are impacted and have a dentist check for impacted wisdom teeth even if you do not have any pain
  10. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid wearing down of your enamel as well as gum recession from using old or worn-down toothbrushes for too long

How to be prepared for emergency dental situations in advance?

Dental emergencies are bad enough to deal with and often occur after hours or on the weekends when most dental offices are closed. They are costly and inconvenient to deal with if you are not already prepared.

They are costly and inconvenient to deal with if you are not already prepared.

At Dentulu, we understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 access to our network of emergency dentists.


Whether you're experiencing a toothache, a chipped tooth, or a lost filling, we can connect you with a dentist who can provide the treatment you need. Simply give us a call or use our online booking system to find an available dentist near you. We'll even provide directions and contact information so you can get in touch with the dentist directly.

In most cases, we'll be able to connect you with a dentist within minutes, so you can get the care you need as soon as possible. Dentulu has you covered! We are the leading provider of 24 hour dental care, with thousands of dentists across the country available to help you at any time of day or night.

Whether you're dealing with a toothache, chipped tooth, or anything else, our dentists will be there to provide you with the care you need. And because we're open 24 hours a day, you can always find a dentist near you - no matter where you are or what time it is. So if you're ever in need of dental care, don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll be there to help you get the care you need, when you need it.

Registering with Dentulu is fast, free, and painless. Create an account and have be prepared in case of any future dental emergencies. Dentulu provides immediate access to a licensed dentist so that any unforeseen issues can be dealt with by a licensed dentist within minutes. Dentulu provides emergency dental services to patients in all 50 states and is available around the clock so you can have a piece of mind knowing you are covered. Register your free account today and experience the best dentistry has to offer.

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Frequently asked questions:

What's the best way to get rid of a toothache?
The fastest way to get rid of a toothache is to take Painkillers like Advil or Tylenol but these are simple ways to get immediate relief of dental pain and not long term solutions. The best way to get rid of an aching tooth is to address the core problem by consulting a dentist. A dentist can provide you the best solution for a toothache through visual and clinical examination and a customized treatment plan.
What should you do if your tooth is knocked out?
If your tooth is knocked-out you only have a few minutes to take action or you can permanently lose it. The most important thing to remember is that you cannot let your tooth dry out and that it must be kept moist at all times. Do not touch or grab the tooth by the root or try to brush the root of the tooth. If the tooth is clean, immediately put it back in your mouth in between your cheek and gums also known as your vestibule. Go to the dentist right away. The dentist will determine if the tooth is savable and will likely try to put it back inside the socket and recommend the best option for saving an convulsed tooth.
Why does my tooth pain come and
Most toothaches come and go and can worsen depending on several factors such as temperature, chewing, and even from air hitting an exposed tooth nerve or the root of your tooth when your gums have recessed. Tooth pain also comes in and out when you lie down in a supine position or when you are standing up.
What is the best type of painkiller for a toothache?
Every person’s body is different and can react differently to dental pain. Generally speaking, over the counter Ibuprofen (Advil) in combination with Tylenol provide the best combination of painkillers for oral pain. You can also try some holistic and natural remedies for toothaches at home as an alternative to prescription medications. Some alternatives to prescription medications for toothaches include clove oil, garlic oil, peppermint tea and over the counter analgesics like Orajel.
Can a common cold cause your teeth to hurt?
Yes, the common cold can make your teeth hurt by exacerbating sinus pressure which then puts pressure on your facial nerves. Facial nerves are connected to your teeth and so even a common cold can cause tooth pain and radiate to areas far from the original underlying condition. This is why it is important that you do not self-diagnose and see a dentist who can evaluate your pain and see what is causing it.
Can you go to urgent care for a toothache?
Yes, you can go to the urgent care for a toothache but it is not recommended since they do not have a dentist on staff. You should not go to the urgent care for a toothache if you can avoid doing so since it is unlikely that you will have your underlying addressed and will likely leave with prescription antibiotics and pain killers that you can easily get from a virtual dentist. You will still have to search for a walk-in dentist nearby.